kdm3_20121013_29I was fortunate to have Sylvain as my FQCK Level 2 and 3 coach, and to have paddled with him in Bergeronnes, on the Saguenay River, and in Maine. He is a top-notch instructor and communicator. His knowledge and paddling skills impressive, and each outting with him leaves us better paddlers. Thank-you Sylvain, for giving me your passion for the sport, the desire to keep learning, and especially to always have fun.

Sylvain Martin, FQCK Level 3

test-camilleMy daughter and I got bitten by the sea kayak bug! We had been dreaming about it for two years, and in 2012 we took the leap and signed up for level I with Sylvain Bédard in Vaudreuil. We were immediately hooked! We bought our own kayaks, did the level II, and started playing in whitewater. Sylvain was a great teacher, giving us all the tools to make us feel safe and fully enjoy our outings, but more importantly, he gave us his passion! I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills.

Camille Bélanger, FQCK Level 3

test-beatriceI realized my dream: I’m sea kayaker! The first day of my course with Sylvain I was worried … We had the worst possible conditions with heavy rain, wind and cold, but Sylvain was able to give me the confidence and tools I needed to embrace my new passion. Now I play in whitewater and I love it!

Béatrice Bélanger-La Haye, 14 years old, FQCK Level 2

mitch-100x100Sylvain Bédard was my Team Leader on the Tour de l’île bleu 2012. He is just a great person to be around and with his calm assuredness, you feel at ease before tackling the next leg of the trip regardless of the difficulty level. Sylvain is straight and to the point and will not beat around the bush to describe a technique or approach. He gives you what you need to know and then you can apply the method yourself. He also has some great stories, all you have to do is ask. I would certainly kayak with Sylvain again.

Mitch Gould, Tour de l’ile bleue 2012

test-yvesOver the course of dozens of classes I have watched Sylvain’s students fall victim, one after the other, to his contagious joy and enthusiasm for paddling. It takes ahold of otherwise sensible people and leaves them crying out “Give me more!!! What’s the next step?”
This desire to expand one’s knowledge of the many facets of this sport inhabits Sylvain as well. It has become the driving force behind his own path to continued learning which in turn feeds his students on their journey.
A huge thank-you Sylvain for the immense generosity you have shown in allowing me to be a privileged witness of your great talent.

Yves Chamberland, FQCK Level 3, FQCK Level 2 Instructor, BCU 4 Star candidate

test-llemonWhile his outstanding credentials speak for themselves, it is his contagious passion for paddling combined with an unshakable humility which propel Sylvain into the big leagues of sea kayak coaches. Sylvain creates an environment of trust and sets me up for success. He often knows what I am capable of achieving long before I do, and this confidence allows me to push beyond my own limits. Each time I go out with him I leave the water a better paddler. It’s an addictive cycle! It would be a mistake to equate his fun, laid-back attitude with a lack of rigour. Safety for his paddlers and a concern for the environment are always his top priority, making Sylvain an exemplary leader.

Lucas Lemonnier, FQCK Level 3

test-mlecomteAfter completing my Sea Kayak Skills Level 2 with Sylvain, I paddled along side him during a memorable trip in Maine. Sylvain shows great intuition in assessing his students and helps them face mother nature safely and confidently.

Martin Lecomte, FQCK Level 3

test-hsimardI’ve progressed far more in three seasons with Sylvain than I have over the previous 10 years. His experience, advice and passion for teaching has led me to paddle safely in places I never new existed. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler wanting to correct old habits, I highly recommend Sylvain to show you the many sides of our beautiful sport.

Hugues Simard, FQCK Level 3

test-jplaroseI was fortunate to be introduced to kayaking by Sylvain Bédard. What I didn’t realize at the time is that learning with Sylvain is an addictive loop of fun. I always appreciate his openness, his ability to listen, and the enthusiasm he has for sharing. All of his courses, whether for certification or simply to develop my skills, have always lived up to my expectations. Sylvain often collaborates with other experienced coaches, creating rich learning opportunities while maintaining safe instructor/paddler ratios. Over the years, paddling with Sylvain has brought me to discover beautiful locations perfectly suited for my kayaking progress. Thank you Sylvain, I share your passion.

Jean-Pierre Larose, FQCK Level 3

test-mfpIf I had to describe Sylvain Bédard, I would use two words: “Patient and attentive.” He appreciates the finer things in life. Companionship, support and respect of each individual are qualities that he demonstrates daily. Paddling with him for a little over 3 years has allowed me to improve my paddling skills in calm waters, whitewater and surf conditions. It is always a pleasure to share the waves with him.

Marie-France Poulin, FQCK Level 3

test-jtrotierOver the years, I’ve had the privilege of taking courses and paddling with Sylvain Bédard. His curiosity, his ability to listen, and the concern he shows for to the safety of his students make him an outstanding teacher. If you are passionate about sea kayaking and want to exceed your limits, you will learn a lot with him!

Jérôme Trottier, FQCK Level 3